Hello Summer is a new animated short in development. The idea comes from my childhood. My parents used to teach me and my brother, that if we will ever have some free money, the best way to use them is travelling. It was (and still is) their life credo. That is why we travelled every summer to some different country. Mostly it was a lot of fun, but sometimes it happened that i got bored. To entertain myself, i took a sheet of blank paper and i put some object on it (for example the snorkel, or sun protection cream). Than i took a pencil and i add some little drawing on paper, which changed the object to something new, usually to something bigger and funnier:
Three years ago, when i got an idea to make a short film out of it, i gave myself the rule that all the story development i will make "on the way", so only when i will travel somewhere. During these years i spent quite a lot of time in the bus or train, travelling mostly between Slovakia, Czech and Poland. I moved the story quite forward but it is not developed yet.
On this film we work together with Veronika Zacharov√° who is the art director. Right now she is doing a lot of funny sketches and our main characters are slowly being born. Look at couple of sketches from our sunny saturday afternoon meeting in the Windmill coffeteria.
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