The Kite is screened in a Museum of Modern Art in New York
The Kite is screened as part of Family Films series, during which MoMA shows classic and contemporary, live-action and animated, short films to families with kids age four to twelve. Programs take place roughly once/month during their programming season (October-May) in Bartos/Theater 3 and are free, including free Museum admission.
MoMA Education staff attend kids film festivals and receive films from industry contacts. They buy several films each year, adding to our library of films. These films are part of the Education Department's Resource Library. They select films we think our audience will enjoy, based on the narrative and aesthetic quality of the film, and consider the main themes the film explores and whether it will fit within our thematic screening approach. Additionally, they have conversations in between the shorts we screen, so it is important the film can spark conversation. MoMA tend to show newly purchased films roughly every three years.
"We chose THE KITE because we thought the film dealt with loss in a thoughtful and delicate way. We liked the story of THE KITE and thought we could have an interesting conversation with our audience afterward. We also liked the animation style, especially the inclusion of everyday materials, like fabric and cotton."
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